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Memories Made At The Trout Water Youth Camp

Council members hosted the Annual Trout Waters Youth Camp for an intensive 5-day session from June 26 to July 1, 2022.  4 girls and 11 boys, ages 14 to 18, learned about trout stream ecology and trout habitat, identifying aquatic insects that trout eat, and fly tying.  Campers also received expert instruction from experienced anglers in fly casting and fishing for trout.   With their fly fishing "buddies, " campers applied their learnings to actual fishing in the West Branch of the Delaware River or neighboring streams.

Lodging and meals were provided at Big Valley Lodge (formerly The Land of the Vikings Lodge).

Prospective campers were required to submit applications to be selected to attend the Camp.

Campers Really Enjoyed This Experience and Benefited Greatly!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the camp. I was able to learn how to fly fish proficiently and tie a wide variety of flies throughout the week. One part of the camp I especially liked was how they brought in a different fly-tying expert each day to teach us different techniques."


"I wanted to write to let you guys know that I thoroughly enjoyed the camp, and I learned a ton! Thank you and the other camp helpers for all the hard work that I'm sure when into planning, preparing, and running the camp!"