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Who We Are

Executive Committee

The New York State Council is a statewide non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian grassroots organization comprised of volunteer delegates from New York State’s 26 Trout Unlimited Chapters.   These volunteer delegates work to support chapters, guide restoration projects, advocate for the waters in New York and bordering states, and educate the public and youth.   The members of the New York State Council, their leadership position and Chapter affiliations are shown below.

  • Don Kieffer (Clearwater)

    Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF) Representative

  • John Braico (Adirondack)

    Resource Management

  • Tom Carroll (Home-Waters)

    Chair - Conservation Committee

  • Joseph Anscher (Long Island)

    Member – Conservation Committee

  • Roy Lamberton (Clearwater)

    Member–Conservation Committee

  • Reuben Zamarian (New York City)

    Member–Conservation Committee

  • Bob Yunich (Ashokan-Pepacton)

    Vice President-Advancement

  • Lindsay Agness (Seth Green)

    Vice President-Youth

  • Robert Mead (Al Hazzard)

    Co-Director of Trout Waters Youth Camp

  • Mike Walcho (Clearwater)

    Co-Director of Trout Waters Youth Camp

  • Keith Tidball (Finger Lakes)

    Vice President–Service Partnership

  • Bill Wellman (Lake Champlain)

    Chair-Hydro-electric Power

  • Sarah Baker (Mid-Hudson)

    Vice President-Diversity

  • Larry Charette (Seth Green)

    Chair-Advocacy and Immediate Past Council Chair

  • Ron Urban (Catskill Mountain)

    Past Chairman

  • Jeff Plackis (Long Island)

    Vice-President Region 1
    National Leadership Council (NLC) Representative

  • Roger Olson (New York City)

    Vice-President Region 2

  • Pat Crisci (Mid Hudson)

    Vice-President Region 3

  • Dan Plummer (Dave Brandt)

    Vice-President Region 4

  • Richard Redman (Lake Champlain)

    Vice President Region 5

  • Paul Miller (Tug Hill Black-River)

    Vice-President Region 6

  • Allen Peterson (Al Hazzard)Vice-President Region 7

  • Lisa Green (Seth Green)

    Vice-President Region 8

  • Chuck Godfrey (Western New York)

    Vice-President Region 9