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What We Do

Diversity and Community Outreach

Because Nobody Should Be Excluded or Left Behind

Today's demographic trends show that more people than ever are interested in conservation and the outdoors.   However, too many barriers still exist that limit participation and opportunities for everyone.   Our conservation efforts and other initiatives cannot be effective without engaging everyone as environmental stewards and conservation champions.

Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), women and the LGBTQIA community remain grossly underrepresented in all levels of outdoors activities and, more importantly, the policy-making decisions surrounding those activities.

Everyone deserves clean water and air.   Everyone deserves the right to protect their environment and resources.    When given a real opportunity and voice, communities consistently demonstrate the power to create better outcomes for themselves and future generations.   Environmental laws, regulations and policies must be devised and enacted by local communities, rather than special interest groups.   Marginalized communities are especially impacted, and need our help.

Trout Unlimited and The New York Council are deeply committed to identifying and implementing change -- not just with dam removal and stream rehabilitation – but by proactively and deliberately engaging members of traditionally marginalized groups.  There is indeed room at the table for everyone --we know our future lies in celebrating and honoring our diversity and working together.

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