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Imagine Rivers, Streams, and Creeks in New York State without Trout or Salmon.
One species, wild Brook Trout, New York State's official fish, is threatened and vulnerable because their range has contracted significantly due to environmental and other factors. The good news: together, you can work with us to save New York’s Brook Trout.
The New York State Council of Trout Unlimited is committed to protecting, reconnecting, restoring, and sustaining New York’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds.   The New York State Council advocates for the prudent management of these resources and participates in policy development.  We organize and supervise people performing on-the-ground stream improvements and partner with other conservation groups and governmental agencies.   Finally, we help educate future conservation champions and environmental stewards and build community through outreach initiatives.


We envision a future in which the challenges of an ever changing planet are addressed, robust populations of native and wild cold water fish once again thrive in their home waters and all people can experience the joy of wild and native trout and salmon.


  • ConservationOur work with cold water fisheries aids water quality and habitat protection and creates recreational opportunities that connect people with the natural environment.

  • EducationEducating both young people and adults is integral to our success and sustainability in the long-term. Through environmental education, young people and adults can spread awareness about the need for conservation and increase the presence of NYSCTU in the community.

  • Fiscal PrudenceWe have a responsibility to use the financial resources entrusted to us efficiently and carefully in all our work.

  • IntegrityWe are accountable to each other, our members and partners, and our mission. We strive for honesty and transparency across our organization. We operate ethically in the organization’s best interests.

  • Diversity, Equity, and InclusionWe value diversity of thought, background, experience and opinion as a means of creating a welcoming organizational culture and encouraging meaningful participation regardless of characteristics such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, physical capabilities or personal financial resources.

    We acknowledge that many underrepresented communities and peoples have a long, rich history of watershed tending and stewardship, and we seek to learn from and better incorporate these perspectives.

  • Relationship between Council and TU Chapters in New York StateWe represent Trout Unlimited in New York State. We advocate as a single voice for positive change that will bolster our conservation efforts and improve the sustainability of trout populations and cold water fisheries. Our role is working with and providing support to TU Chapters to create a stronger and better Trout Unlimited.

  • High Visibility and Broad SupportPeople throughout New York State should recognize and positively associate the New York State Council with Trout Unlimited and with our mission and vision for the future.