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TU Costa 5 Rivers College Club

Are you a college angler in NY? Do you enjoy making an impact on your local rivers and streams? Then look no further than the TU Costa 5 Rivers Program. 

The Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers program is a network of TU-affiliated College fishing clubs around the country focused on conservation. These college clubs seek to engage current and fly fishers-to-be on their campuses nationwide.

Through their affiliation with the NYS Council State Trout Unlimited, the college clubs plan and participate in a series of events and initiatives in conjunction with their local NY TU chapter. Upon completion, club members earn access to the student discount program from participating industry partners, thereby reducing the prohibitive cost curve of entering the sport.

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Five Aspects of 5 Rivers

Aside from being the title of the program, the 5 Rivers refers to the 5 aspects of the program. They are:

Community Outreach

Each club completes an event that engages their campus and/or local community ranging from a Project Healing Waters event to a learn to fly fish event on campus.

Costa Ambassadorship

Each club president, if they so choose, has the option to become the Costa Campus Ambassador for their college.


Each club organizes a fundraiser to cover the cost of their annual programming by selling club T shirts or starting a GoFundMe page.

If interested, now what?

Visit the TU Costa 5 Rivers College club website. TU Costa 5 Rivers College Clubs - Trout Unlimited

If you would like some more information or if you would like to start a 5 Rivers college club in NY, please email the 5 Rivers Coordinator,Libby Glaser