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Region 8

This area of New York State, called the Finger Lakes region, is a true gem!   The great city of Rochester is nearby.   Wine country, beautiful lakes, and some outstanding trout streams dot the countryside.   Keuka and Canandaigua Lakes have their own tributaries that lake-run rainbows spawn in during the Spring, leading to some fantastic fishing.    Lake Ontario tributaries, Oatka Creek and the Cohocton River also attract many anglers .

The Chapters in this region play an important role in keeping watch over the streams and tributaries, and are frequently working on improvement projects.   In an area that is heavily trafficked but has a moderate level of industrialization, keeping waters clean and viable requires constant attention.

Canandaigua Lake - Chapter #594

Members of this Chapter, headquartered in Victor, stay busy with their conservation efforts on the Cohocton, a nearby river, holding a large population of native brook trout and wild brown trout; the river is also very fishable.    Projects also have been undertaken at Naples Creek in addition to combating the spread of aquatic invasive species in Canandaigua Lake.   

Notably, Chapter members participate in programs with Project Healing Waters for the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled and active military service personnel and Casting for Recovery that provides healing outdoor retreats for women with breast cancer.  Please use this link to visit the Chapter's website

Catherine Creek - Chapter #430

This Chapter, located near Elmira, is dedicated to preserving the environment and fisheries in Chemung County and surrounding counties.   The are continuously educating the public and are very proud of their participation in the Youth Education program, Trout in the Classroom.   Use this link to visit the Chapter's website

Finger Lakes - Chapter #518

The Finger Lakes Chapter meets in the historic town of Seneca Falls, located at the northern tip of Cayuga Lake.   The town is best known as the birthplace of women’s rights in the United States.   A convention, presided over by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, held in July 1848 launched the women's suffrage movement.   Please use this link to contact the Chapter

Seth Green - Chapter #073

In 1864, this Chapter's namesake, after years of studying, catching and selling fish, established the first facility in the United States on Caledonia Creek for hatching brook trout.   The location was ideal; it was free of season-limitations and pollution because it was fed by fresh springs with a consistently cold temperature of 45-60 degrees.  He perfected the Artificial Propagation technique -- most hatcheries at the time were achieving a 25% hatch rate using Dry Impregnation, the Caledonia attained a 97% success rate.   

After many years of operating Caledonia Hatchery, he joined the New York State Fish Commission and eventually became Superintendent of Fisheries   He is commonly referred to as the "Father of fish culture in North America."   The Caledonia Hatchery, remains in operation today, and is the oldest hatchery in New York State and the Nation.   Please use this link to access this Chapter's website